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Ice Rink and Bowling Closed Milton Keynes

The Milton Keynes ice rink and bowling alley are closed at the leisure plaza due to a large refurbishment work going on to develop the site and build a new Morrisons on the site. The build is supposed to take from 12 to 18 months and the ice rink will re-open  however the bowling alley is rumored to be replaced by shop units instead. Whilst building work is taking place  a temporary ice rink is supposed to be opening where the old Waitrose building is. The skaters fro  Milton Keynes are eagerly waiting for its arrival but it is believed that they are still waiting for the ice to arrive from abroad and and junior Storm team and Mk Lightning are training out of the Planet Ice rink in Coventry. Lightning are also playing their home games from there but MK Storm are still not sure if they will be using a rink in Birmingham or the MK temporary rink yet for their games. MK Thunder are also hoping and are really organizing the temporary rink to be able to play their home games from. As for ten pin bowling now the Casino is open in MK it is believed the revamped bowling alley in the Xscape will not be too far behind.

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