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Junior Ice hockey

Junior Ice hockey has become quite a big part of my sons life. Amongst other sports that kids of today play , ice hockey is a minority sport in the UK if you liken it to such sports as soccer or even rugby. There are various clubs in a town when it comes to sports such as football or even maybe rugby.

However for the sport of ice hockey, in the UK there are very few clubs around the country due to the awareness of the sport and also the sheer lack of ice hockey rinks throughout the country as a whole.playing matches becomes far more difficult with traveling to away ice hockey matches being maybe up to an hour or more long.Also if you find your ice rink is not even in your local town,then even your own home games could involve a certain amount of traveling justĀ  for your hockey training .

A dedicated parent usually needs to own a car or needs to be able to have reliable help to get to matches. The cost of ice hockey is not the cheapest sport in the world and normally the average family can say goodbye to the family cruise holiday as your holidays become ice rink holidays. to watch an ice hockey match is very exciting as it is rated as one of the fasted team sports out. At senior level pucks are known to be shot at rates of 70 plus mph at a net- minder . So the sport can turn out to be sometimes a bit dangerous for players as well as sometimes spectators alike.

Top level ice hockey can be very competitive when it comes to EIHA conference level with teams playing from the south of England against the north and Scotland can make for some very exciting matches in each age group from age 11 up to age 17

Ice hockey Conference


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