milton-keynes-mobile-searchICE  RINK  CLOSED  DUE  TO FAULTY  DOOR

     It has been rumored today that the Planet Ice Rink in Milton Keynes has closed down and undertaking extensive refurbishment due to a faulty door at the rink.

 It has also been suggested that the real reason that the site has now got the go ahead and is being re-developed for a new Morrisons supermarket is because  of the faulty door incident  at the ice rink being leaked to the developers.

 After trying to get hold of a spokesman from Planet Ice or anyone else for that mater to confirm whether these rumors are true or not, there appeared to be no representatives on site to answer any questions.
 It appears that people, well mainly men Actually  are NOT so much upset that the ice rink or bowling alley has closed down, But more importantly,  where the hell has the Titty Bar gone

It seems a real shame that such drastic action had to be taken all  because of a  door but it appears the video evidence seems to point to this maybe being the case.

Watch the Video  to make up your own mind



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