Wolverton is a constituent town
   of Milton Keynes north 
   Buckinghamshire. Wolverton being
    at its northern edge, between Stony 
Stratford and Newport Pagnell.
    It is the administrative seat of Wolverton  
and Greenleys civil parish.

    Recorded in Domesday, Wolverton
suffered badly in the Enclosures,
    before reinventing itself as a railway
    town in the industrial revolution .
     The Grand Union Canal passes
    around the northern and eastern
    edge of the modern town. The canal   
originally crossed the River Great
    Ouse by descending 10 metres to the
river by nine locks, crossing the river
    on the level and ascended by eight
    locks on the other side.


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      In 1836 Wolverton was chosen
      as the  site of the locomotive
      repair shop at the mid-point of
      the London and Birmingham
      Railway then under construction.
      During the 1980s, the decline of
      the railway works led to the
      diminution of Wolverton’s tight-knit
      railway community.
      Today Wolverton  has a  mixed race
      community with many of the original
      still living in the town.



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